Locate a US Bank throughout Portland, Oregon as well as ATM location near you.

Locate a US Bank Portland as well as ATM location near you.

US Bank in Portland

321 SW 6th Ave
Portland, OR 97204


I’ll inform you what disturbs me, whenever someone otherwise tells us how bad my financial condition will be. I know, I experience this crap. I produce off my bank phrases so I can wash my bum with them all to feel some good sense of power in this particular world. Each and every time I go into this dang area they give me this company man. Here’s how the idea goes: Every thing starts away real friendly while i give them my greeting card, these people enter my data and go quiet. They tap into a pen, as well as fart around thinking about typically the proper way to brooch the subject. Chances are they search up real coy like, barely making eye speak to and give me the “Uh, mister T. are an individual aware… ” Fairly sweet erlöser, yes I am mindful, my mother is aware, Rumsfeld is aware, a person don’t have to caress it in.

I lose the credit union. They will never gave me crap, acknowledged my lot found in life, and even handled my own banking dealings like My spouse and i was a authentic, dignified human being.
Whoa! Have you been using a new refresher your own tresses is excellent!

(p. h. This post got actual political throughout the middle but Choice to delete after thinking about it. I have since promised, simply a minute ago, never to create reviews although drunk, mainly because things can get unsightly real swift. Think prior to you analysis! )


This kind of loan company is poop on untoasted rye bread. All banking companies have fees, but ALL OF US Bank takes that to new altitudes. Sales person in addition to customer service reps can be rude and arrogant, like this were somehow outside of line to ask queries about your own account. Test virtually any additional bank around the world!

Recommended Reviews

When I could very well give significantly less than 1 celebrity We would. We called sooner today to request information concerning the wire transfer to be able to an additional country. I had been instructed that they may possibly do wire transfers upward until 2pm. My spouse and i came, payed for car parking, and then was told that will for international wire exchanges the branch manager would not do them past 1pm. I actually explained that I acquired called earlier that will moment, to that distinct branch and was advised 2 private message. They don’t apologize or make any efforts to create their mistake correct, I got just advised to come back the following day. My spouse and i will be switching banking companies. Worst customer assistance.

US Bank in OR 97214

636 SE Grand Ave
Portland, OR 97214


This particular is more of some sort of report on a specific side branch than ALL OF US Bank while a whole, but this kind of branch is outwardly packed with employees who else aren’t inactive behind the eyes and so are pretty helpful, I generally hate going into a new Bank. Cole in specific is a beam associated with sunlight, he ought to have all the raises and whatsoever kudos can be given, he is a very valuable, quick along with a smart chest of drawers. Denise has been beyond fine about the month’s worthy of of deposit slips My spouse and i brought in, didn’t make me feel bad though I’m sure that had been a suffering, and Josh (I trust that’s his name, high with curly hair in addition to specs) was absolutely good and even friendly. I think about working on Grand they deal with all types of colorful personas but these people always user friendly, nobody causes small talk, and I actually never wait around long according. During my last visit a unique inebriated person came inside plus the entire staff handled this very graciously… could possibly be the polar opposite associated with every damaging experience I have had with another countrywide Bank that needs the name of this state…


I have had a new personal company accounts and enterprise accounts around this location intended for over 20 years and even the support has only gone downhill often which often is why I will certainly be closing my personal records and moving these phones Banner Bank where the support has been amazing and very particular.


In Portland, PEOPLE Banks are as common as Stumptown Coffee. You are able to hardly go three obstructions without finding a PEOPLE Bank. That is handy for anyone who is the US Bank purchaser or maybe a new member of a credit score union, as their particular ATMs take most credit union ATM cards.

Given that the well known woodland is so thick with trees fleshed in US ALL Bank logos, my specifications are high for providers the bank offers. This particular particular Bank has sufficient parking for the backside associated with the building, the other drive-through window. They only offer 1 ATM, facing the street, plus if one parks inside parking lot they now have to walk obvious about the building to find to the idea. Overall, really some sort of decent bank which will offers the basic amenities for a person in the go.

US Bank in Portland 97202

3230 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, OR 97202

Recommended Reviews

I needed a good documents notarized and our husband essential some facts on a ALL OF US Loan company credit card. Kara handled everything for us having professionalism, knowledge and superior hilarity. She also put into practice up our consult a good phone call to let you know the result of the credit card questions. She is a great resource for the bank which usually I hope they realize.


I would personally give adverse stars if you can but that’s definitely not a choice. Whenever My partner and i go to do anything at this time there they can’t do it. They couldn’t give me personally in writing to get a shut us bank account. One other time they closed the account just like the fact that telling they suspected Fraudulence. They ought to name the Bank as Unable&Slow Bank. Each request right now there takes partners of weeks. Feels such as a bank from Flinstones times(Stone Age).


The US Bank has been recently horrible for me because associated with a previous bankruptcy. Prior to my bankruptcy I acquired almost the best credit history you could get. Then using the 2007 crash My partner and i found that I experienced as well many brands from the fire that weren’t worth much anymore. So, if you don’t are of some sort of great history, find another Bank to do company together with since it will save you a lot of intellectual pain.

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